Dylan Welsh

Session Guitarist, Arranger/Composer, Music Educator

Services for Songwriters


My primary emphasis as an arranger involves working with songwriters to help make their music the best it can be. Some of my services for songwriters include: 

-Writing lead sheets for their catalogue 

-Writing and arranging backing band arrangements 

-Composing chord progressions for pre-written melodies 

-Arranging additional auxiliary string/horn/etc parts for special performances and studio sessions

Other Services



-Original arrangements for your group 

-Original compositions for your group


I have experience writing and transcribing for string groups of all sizes, contemporary rock/pop/dance bands, jazz combos, and numerous other groups of various instrumentation. 

Request a Quote


Pricing is quoted on a per-project basis. The quote is based on:

-The amount of time I estimate the project will take

-How quickly you need the project finished 


Not all services are listed above. Feel free to reach out with whatever projects you need doing, and I’ll see what I can do.

Why Lead Sheets?


Having fleshed out lead sheets for your catalogue of original music can benefit you as an artist in a myriad of ways: 


-Copywriting: When you submit your music for copywriting purposes, your original music will be significantly more protected if you submit a lead sheet with your recording

-Collaboration: Almost all professional musicians know how to read and interpret a lead sheet. With charts, you will be able to add almost any instrument to your live show or studio session, and have the player create excellent and appropriate parts for themselves on the spot

-Reference: If you keep a lead sheet catalogue for your music, you will never have to worry about forgetting how to play old material that you haven't played in a while. Just break the chart out, and re-learning will be a breeze. 

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Dylan Welsh

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