Dylan Welsh

Session Guitarist, Arranger/Composer, Music Educator

Live/Studio Guitar Performance


I am currently available for local (Seattle area), touring, or one-off fly dates on an international scale. 


As a sideman and session guitarist, I bring many things to the table: 

-Fluent and competent in most styles of Western music (and many styles of Eastern and Latin music)

-Strong reader of standard notation, tablature, chord charts, lead sheets, and Nashville Numbers

-College level music theory training (both contemporary and traditional harmony)

-High level improviser within most styles of music 

-Doubles proficiently on Mandolin, Viola, and Bass Guitar

-Proficient at playing using live click tracks and sequences 

-Well-trained ears; can pick up most songs and parts within 1-2 listens

-Professional equipment and reliable transportation

-Always punctual and professional

Feel free to take a look at my sideman demo reels, CV, and equipment list to get an understanding of my qualifications and experience. 


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Dylan Welsh

(425) 350 2306