Dylan Welsh

Session Guitarist, Arranger/Composer, Music Educator

Remote Session Work


As an experienced and trained audio engineer, I’m happy to play on your tracks remotely. 

Many people are opting to take advantage of this service, due to:

​-Cost efficiency: You aren't paying for studio time or engineer fees for me to record my guitar tracks.

-Time efficiency: You don't have to worry about coordinating with a musician and your engineer, and competing over open studio days. I can almost always operate within your deadline schedule, getting tracks back to you in as little as 24 hours.

-Geographic efficiency: You can now get professional sounding guitar/mandolin/viola tracks, even if there aren’t any professional guitarists that are accessible in your area. 

Request a Quote


To get started, send me as much of the following info as possible. I’ll then send you my contract and a flat quote for the project:

-The music you’d like me to play on 

-Details on what you’d like me to play (if you have charts, all the better) 

-Turnaround time/deadline for finished product 

-Audio details (file formats, post processing requests, etc). 

Gear Highlights 


DAW: Pro Tools 12

Preamps: UA 4710-d, UA Apollo, Focusrite ISA 428

Microphones: Shure SM-57 [3], AKG C414 [2], Sennheiser MD 421 [4]

AD/DA Conversion: UA Apollo [via Firewire] 

Monitors: Yamaha HS8

Plugins: Avid, Waves, UA 

For a complete list of studio gear/signal chain, feel free to get in touch with me. 

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Dylan Welsh

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